Teaching Expectations in Your Classroom

July 25, 2016
It’s almost time for heading back to school. (I go back next Monday!) 
Have you thought about the expectations that you want to teach in the classroom? I’ve been reading “Teaching with Poverty in Mind” by Eric Jensen and it’s really challenged the way that I think about poor behaviors.

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I’ve always thought that kids should know how to act before they come to my classroom and it’s just not happening anymore. Instead of complaining about the lack of discipline at home, I need to refocus on how I can change the problem. 
So the biggest question is how do you teach your expectations? I believe in being consistent and timely. Here’s a model that you can follow when teaching procedures.
So let’s go over each step.
(1) Tell – Tell the kids what you expect of them. If it’s no talking in the bathroom, let them know.
(2) Show – Model the expectation behavior.
(3) Practice – Have the kids practice the correct behavior. Practice often.
(4) Feedback – Give feedback on how the kids need and what they need to do better next time.
(5) Reteach as needed. After long breaks, you will need to reteach. When kids are acting up, reteach. 
If you are looking for some more help with setting those expectations, check out this website. I heard Amie Dean speak this summer and she was amazing. She has wonderful ideas for stopping those behaviors that interrupt your teaching and making your life easier.
How do you feel about teaching expectations? What questions do you have about teaching expectations?

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