Best Books for Teaching Rocks and Minerals

March 18, 2018

Today, I’m stopping by to share some great books to add to your teaching of rocks and minerals. Click on any of the images to view on Amazon. (All links are affiliate links. This helps me cover the costs of running my website.)

This book is very detailed and tells lots of information about rocks and minerals. My students love this one. The images are amazing too!

You can use this book as an independent reader for your students. It has great details at a great price.

I love using this book as a read-aloud for introducing rocks and minerals. I have a minilesson for this book in my Rocks and Minerals pack. Click here to view.

I am excited about this new book. I just picked this one up on Amazon. It is a great book for teaching the rock cycle with amazing illustrations and very detailed information.

This book is an easy reader that would be great for introducing the different types of rocks to younger children or can be an independent read for older kids.

My students are obsessed with this book. It has very detailed information on different types of rocks and includes great photographs.

I love this series of books. The illustrations are so beautiful and the author uses great adjectives to describe rocks and then gives details to explain what she means. Check out her other books: A Seed is Sleepy, A Nest is Noisy, An Egg is Quiet, A Butterfly is Patient, and A Beetle is Shy.

National Geographic Kids has great,informative books for children. This book is no exception. Your little geologists will love this one.

This book has a different spin on teaching about rocks. It goes through how one rock could have survived through millions of years and how changes can occur to it. I also have a minilesson for this book in my Rocks and Minerals pack. Click here to view.

Happy reading!