Jump into June – Check out books for Juneteenth, the Summer Solstice, and more!

June 17, 2018


It’s hard to believe that June is almost over. Where has the time gone? I hope you are enjoying your summer so far. Please let me know if you are enjoying these posts as I might continue to do the calendars and book features over the next few months.Read on to find a few more picks for summer reading in June.


June 17 – Father’s Day

Celebrate the fathers in your life with this cute book, “How to Surprise a Dad.” This is in a series of books with moms, grandmas, and grandpas. I like these books for how to writing and sequencing.

June 18 – International Picnic Day

Celebrate picnics today by reading about a common picnic pest in the book, “Hey, Little Ant.” I love this book for teaching compassion and empathy for creatures big and small.

June 19 – Juneteenth

I am ashamed to say that I had never heard of Juneteenth before this summer but this is probably the most important day in June. Juneteenth celebrates the announcement of the end of slavery in 1865. This is a historic day that needs more recognition. One beautiful book to read for this holiday is entitled, “All Different Now.” This book tells the story of the first Juneteenth through the perspective of a little girl. Such a beautiful book!

June 20 – National Bald Eagle Day

Celebrate another American symbol this month with a celebration of the bald eagle. My students always love these True Books with their great photographs and amazing facts.

June 21- Summer Solstice

The Summer Solstice is here on June 21. It’s hard to believe that summer is just now beginning since it’s been so hot already. Check out this cute book, “Summer Days and Nights” that tells about all the fun things that a child can do during the summer.

June 22 – Take Your Dog to Work Day

How fun would it be to take your dog to work? I know my pup would love it. Since it’s summer and that’s not happening, read about Buddy who goes to work with his owner. This is a sweet chapter book series that is a class favorite and I love that it’s told from Buddy’s point of view.

June 23 – National Pink Day

Celebrate the color pink by reading Pinkalicious.

Check out another book that I would also be perfect for pink day. This one is on my Amazon Wishlist because I’ve heard it’s amazing.

Click on the image below to download the June calendar.

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