F is for Fact Fluency (ABCs of 2nd grade)

June 19, 2014

Today’s post is all about Fact Fluency. It is so important for 2nd graders to really know their math facts without using their fingers or number lines. They just need to know them. 
My grade level team has really made math facts an important part of our classrooms for the past 2 years. Since the Common Core has 2nd graders adding and subtracting up to 20, this can be really hard for some kids, especially when they get to those numbers above 10.
Two years ago, I had more time to practice math facts. This year, I just didn’t have as much time because my group was so much lower in math. I had to reteach a bunch of skills and that took away from our math facts time. 
One thing that my team did do was give the students a timed test every week.

Click on the image to download the free tests. 
They got 90 seconds to answer 25 addition and subtraction problems. Students who passed (got 20 or more correct) earned 10 minutes of extra playtime. This was so motivational for them and it didn’t cost me anything! 
One thing that I have found that really gets students interested in doing better on their timed tests (besides a reward) is having them graph their results. They love seeing their bars go up on the graph.
Click on the image to download the graph.
I’ve pinned some great games for practicing those math facts. Check out my fact fluency board below. If you have anything great pinned for math facts, send it to me on Pinterest and I’ll add it to the board. 

My next post will be all about Grouping.


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  1. If you have computers in the class XtraMath is a wonderful free site for daily practice. They start with addition and then can go on to subtraction, multiplication, and division. You sign each student up and they access the site during "Wise Choice" or even from home. Each day they will get a score and that score can be graphed. They also receive a certificate when a level is passed. I post the certificates in the window. I print each level off in a different color. We even have a friendly competition with the other 3rd grade classes. That really motivates them! You are also able to choose to individually change a student's program and "extend" it by giving more time to those that really need it. The students can also click on their score and see which problems that need to be put to memory. WONDERFUL program and it's free! Check it out!

  2. Math fact fluency is crucial to learning math. How do we expect students to conquer math challenges if they haven't even mastered their basic facts! I love these math speedy facts. I use them in addition with the xtramath. My students loved the xtramath and loved getting the "special treatment" of using the school's chromebooks. 🙂

  3. I also do math facts. I usually do a class graph to keep track of where they are (the kids like to refer to it as well). They really get excited when they reach multiplication facts (very few do, subtraction facts are what keeps them back). I love the idea of also having THEM be accountable for their own tracking. It would be great for conferences!

  4. I believe Math Fact Fluency is one of the most important aspects and if they don't know them everything suffers in higher grades. I believe starting them in lower grades with the basics for learning them are crucial. I give my kinders a timed test most every day starting with numerals and then going on to simple addition and some subtraciton. I've noticed in afterschool that so many upper grades are still struggling with this so last year I began this and I believe it was a success. Of course, not everyone can master it but I adjust times accordingly and they don't feel any pressure since it's common place for numerals and alphabet. It's not something I announce and compare students with publicly but it's something I use to prepare for what I need to do and hopefully it helps in future grades. I love your ideas. Thanks so much.

  5. These are great ideas and fact fluency is something I need to do more of! I send home fact practice but I never time them in class. Tis is something that could be a lot of fun for my kiddos!!! Thanks!!

  6. I think that math fluency is important. We do this in second grade. I love your idea of them graphing their results. I will try this next year.

  7. I love the ideas you listed here! And I downloaded those freebies of course! (Thank you.) I agree with you about time. It is so difficult to make sure that you include fact fluency while you are busy teaching all the other concepts. But it is oh so important to the little ones. I have 5 math centers that students rotate through – 1 each day. I use fact fluency as one of my centers. I put activities here that help students to just practice, practice, practice! I also test kids like you do, but I wasn't good about doing it each week. I hope to be more organized about weekly testing next year!

  8. I am new to second grade and I just came across your ABC blog and I love it! You have helped me to begin to sort things out. I noticed that your blog stopped at H will you have any more?

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