Q is for Questioning (ABCs of 2nd grade)

July 31, 2014
I’m back with my next ABCs of 2nd grade post today. So sorry that I didn’t post Tuesday but I didn’t have Internet for a few days. We had some severe storms Sunday night and they zapped my modem. 
Today is Q for Questioning. If you are a TEAM school like me, questioning is a huge part of your evaluation and can make a big difference in student learning. If you are also like me, those higher level questions are hard to come up with on the fly during a lesson. I use question stems pages quite often. 
This freebie by Jen Jones is amazing and gives lots of ideas for creating different levels of questions.
I was going to make some of my own by why recreate the wheel and I know mine wouldn’t be any better than these.
Click on the image to head to Hello Literacy. Please do not pin this from my page. Pin from the original source.
One thing that helps me when questioning is to use “Pick Me” sticks. As I said in my evalution post, I have a tendency to pick the same kids. This strategy allows me to spread out the questions and keeps all the students on their toes because they never know when they will get picked. 
Click on the picture to see on A Cupcake for the Teacher. Please pin from her site.
I have a freebie for you too from my new Reading Street packs. This freebie is to get students to ask questions about what they are reading.

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In other news, I start back to school on Monday for a week of inservice and planning days. I know that I’m not going to have time to plan two ABCs of 2nd grade posts each week so I am going to try to move to one per week. This may be hit or miss for a while. 
Check out my next post on one of my favorite topics, Read Alouds.

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